Like most people, my Mom and I had grown up with Western doctors taking care of our health with antibiotics & maintenance medicines. They were hit-or-miss propositions and often with side effects, some more serious than others. Even back then in her forties, she already had this cure-all called Axe Oil which was great for stomach aches, headaches, dizziness, soreness and many others. It was in every nook & cranny of our household and was her staple gift to family, friends & customers.

I started my journey on the holistic path to health, wellness & happiness when I came back to the Philippines in early 2000 after living a fast-paced life in New York City with the main ingredients of stress, little sleep, alcohol and cigarettes. It was a new adventure that involved raw food, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, Pilates, yoga, other alternative forms of healing and most recently, meditation. It was during this time of experimentation that my mindset changed from a belief purely in Western medicine to allowing our bodies to heal naturally first.

When my Mom had a health crisis in her late sixties, the Western doctors couldn’t solve the ailment. Luckily for us, we came across a Cranio-Sacral therapist who was able to help her. After that, she slowly changed her diet and added exercise & stretching to her daily routine. I also took her with me on my journey to the different non-Western healing modalities which also worked for her over time. From a high of 170 pounds, she had gone down to 135 pounds in less than two years. She maintains her weight within a 10 pound range nowadays. Her lifestyle overhaul was a success!

I opened an online store to highlight the remedies that have worked with our family. I believe more people should learn about these alternatives so they don’t have to be dependent on harsh, habit-forming Western medicines and maintenance meds.

Do recognize that our bodies and our constitutions are all unique. We should be open to trying gentle remedies and give them time to work on us. I stand behind these products and I hope they work for you, as they have for myself, my family and my friends. Why not give the gift of health to your loved ones?
Thank you for visiting our site!!! Help us get more people on our journey together to health, wellness & happiness! It’s never too late to start to make it natural, make it easy…..

“I am convinced that health is truly our most precious gift, after which wellness and happiness follow.”


It is our privilege to assist you in embracing change AND revolutionizing the way you manage your health for yourself, your family and for your loved ones. At Easy Cures, we want to share with you the gentle, but powerful, natural remedies for quick relief from the rigors of daily life. Natural remedies that we have tried and tested ourselves.

From our blogs on our website, our Facebook posts and our Easy Cures product line, which are mostly made from natural ingredients, you can learn about the benefits of using them and see the results for yourself. What is important is that our customers reconnect with their bodies, go back to natural remedies and aid the body in healing itself, the way it was intended.

Do you or your family suffer from recurring respiratory issues like asthma, sinusitis, sore throat, colds, cough and congestion? Headaches, dizziness, muscle aches, soreness, body pains, bruises and arthritis? Tummy trouble and nausea? Inflammation and circulation problems? Back pains and sciatica? Skin irritation and rashes? Here at Easy Cures, we have both non-intrusive and non-invasive natural remedies for most of these health problems that are now, due to the high-speed & high-tech lifestyles, more common to many.

Give our products a try and discover what they can do for you! They have passed the stringent Mother Tita & Daughter Tina test. We are avid fans and regular users of our own products. We are now sharing them with all of you!