Easy Cures Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp




·       Cleans the air by absorbing the particles into the salt crystal

·       Minimizes allergy, asthma and cough

·       Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation caused by electronics like cellular phones, computers, TV, radio & other appliances

·       Enhances memory, concentration, breathing and induces restful sleep

·       Source of natural, warm light in the room

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Turn on high during the day for maximum lighting. Before bedtime, turn the light to dim so that the light doesn't interfere with your sleep. Put a saucer under the lamp. The Easy Cures Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp should be kept on all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a 10 watt (or higher) bulb for best results. It can be turned off overnight or when you are away for 2 or more days from home. Just make sure you turn it back on when you wake up or when you return from vacation. The salt crystal stays dry when lit.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Each lamp weighs around 2-3 kilos, weight varies. Please note that no two Easy Cures Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are exactly alike. The sizes and shapes will vary and the weight of each are approximate. When you need another bulb, you may find a replacement at your hardware store. Bring the sample bulb so you can get the exact one for your Lamp.