Daila All-Natural Gugo Shampoo Bar - 2 Bars



Gugo, in the Philippines, is a very large forest vine plant found throughout the country. It has been extensively used in the Philippines for cleansing, washing hair and for hair treatment for many generations

Gugo shampoo bar, creates a natural lather that effectively cleanses the scalp and hair.


·       Cures eczema

·       Prevents dandruff

·       Increases hair volume

·       Strengthens the hair

·       Prevents thinning hair

Men and women who have used Gugo have reported thicker, fuller hair.

The Daila All-Natural Gugo Bar Shampoo is specially formulated to prevent hair loss.

Made with Coconut oil and Aloe Vera that efficiently retains moisture and does not let the scalp dry out. There is no animal fat and no chemicals in the ingredients in this special shampoo bar - it's an all-natural hair washing experience.

Sold in a set of 2 bars to maximize your delivery fees.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wet hair and work up a lather directly on your hair with the gugo bar soap. Rinse well, repeat  and dry. You will notice a thickening of your hair, that is due to the gugo bark’s special properties. We highly recommend that you use the Daila All-Natural Gugo Bar Shampoo along with your favorite conditioner. This Gugo Bar Shampoo, when used alone, might cause tangling of the hair and difficulty in combing medium to long hair.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 120 grams x 2 bars