Easy Cures Clay Aromatherapy Lamp



The best natural dispenser for diffusing oils into the air.

The Easy Cures Essential Oils permeate through the water on top of the Easy Cures Clay Aromatherapy Lamp, then the fragrance diffuses out into the room. The intensity of the aroma depends on how much essential oil is added to the top of the lamp. Ceramic diffusers have been used as far back as ancient times. There was a fire or candle under the holder of the oil to disperse aroma into the air. As the Easy Cures Essential Oils are scenting the air, the supply of the oil is depleted in the lamp, and therefore, will need to be topped up.

Aromatherapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials - known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds - for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function and taking care of their health.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Fill up the bowl on top of the Easy Cures Clay Aromatherapy Lamp with water (leave about 1/4 of an inch from the brim) and add a few drops of our Easy Cures Essential Oils. Turn on the light switch for the bulb to warm the oil. Repeat the procedure and top up when needed! Clean the bowl after every use.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 5 x 4 x 6 inches